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    circle wave

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    Detours are a necessity in life

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    Catherine OpieUntitled #7 (Surfers) (2003)

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    The Magnificent Facades Of Hungarian Cube Houses

    Photographer Katharina Roters explores the ornamental facades of the ubiquitous houses of Communist Hungary.

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    "I was worst to the one I loved best"; powder coated steel, paint, packing blanket; 2014

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    Vienna ‘14
    Leica M6 TTL w/ 35mm Voigtlander Nokton | Ilford HP5+

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    Billy Goat Hill, SF

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    Life Waiting… (early hours series)

    Thessaloniki, Greece 2014

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    Sand dune. Wadi Rum, Jordan

    The back lighted dune that gives title to this awesome photo acquires a huge visual weight  thanks the way in which Sam has managed the lighting, taking as a reference the light in the background. Magnificent composition and stunning level of detail. Do you see the small figure at the base of the dune?

    -Juan Manuel

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    Next to the supermarket parking ground.

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    "At Sea" 

    -More of my work @ www.arguspaul.com

    #atsea #photography #arguspaul

    Thank you for your submission!
    ~ The Photographers Society

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    Dettifoss … Prometheus waterfall